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Kosten Interior

The Kosten project is the perfect example of what I mean by a "refresh". The owner designed and built this home himself less than 10 years ago so it didn't need major remodeling or renovation, just freshening up in decor and design. I lightened the dark beige walls with a new shade of fresh white paint, built custom floating shelves for the alcove beside the fireplace, and helped the homeowner arrange decor and hang art, photos, and curtains. The home now feels new again!

The Flip House

This run-down house was purchased in foreclosure and transformed into a beautiful family home. Every care was taken to maintain the character of the original bungalow-style house while updating it for today's lifestyle. We rewired and installed new plumbing and HVAC systems, opened up the enclosed porch, completely remodeled the kitchen and bathroom, expanded the closets and finished the basement, not to mention countless other repairs and updates to the property. The original doors, wood trim, and much of the hardware was restored and reused, and Abby did almost all of the work herself, from demolition to finishing details.

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